1. Scaling refers to the period in a startup’s life when management and board feels like they can systematically accelerate growth
  2. Scaling normally happens after (1) product-market fit has been found and (2) the search for a repeatable sales or customer acquisition model has yielded enough positive data
  3. Know when you have crossed the Chasm: It’s difficult to know when you have truly repeatable processes and you may be misreading market readiness
  4. The mission of a start-up is to find a viable business model. Once this bridge is crossed, you are ready to take your business to another level.

To-do List for scaling purposes

  1. Build and hone a repeatable cutomer process, from understanding a sales process or conversion funnel to onboarding and supporting a customer, to ongoing CRM activities.
  2. Build a solid infrastructure of systems, for example billing and invoicing to recovering money owed by partners and customers.
  3. Raise an appropriate amount of capital to support the generally inevitable cash-flow need that an agressive scaling strategy requires
  4. Make sure you have competent management, and establish organizational routines that will drive your company forward.
  5. Put together and maintain a team that can take the company to a consistent and focused execution
  6. Read Mark Leslie’s sales learning curve
  7. You need to be systematically measuring your entreprise and iterating on data.
  8. Read Dave McClure ‘s metrics for pirates
  9. Make sure your product can operate at scale. Put together the necessary resources to handle the growth
  10. Nail It Then Scale It is a MUST read