1. Set a goal, find out what you are good at and choose that career path. Informed risk will benefit the future in the long run.
  2.  Never change jobs just for more money, and make sure you investigate the reputation and financial stability of the company you are thinking of joining.
  3. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and ask for business!
  4. Be judiciously generous with your time, energy, wisdom, contacts and skills; mentoring and leading may not offer you immediate financial return, but they mark a person as committed to giving as taking.
  5. Strive for balance between professional and personal committments.
  6. An excellent Idea with poor Execution is a lost stake and is a fundamental cause of failure in any business or venture.
  7. Never get into business with anyone you wouldn’t want to have dinner with on a regular basis.
  8. If you are the smartest guy in the room, you are in the wrong room. Unless of course you are playing cards.
  9. There is only one sure way to fail, and that is to give up.
  10. There is no course or book that teaches experience. Accept your mistakes as tuition to the school of hard knocks. And try not to take the same course twice.
  11. Respect the customer’s right to make their own decisions. Your  job is to help them make informed decisions so they can brag to their friends later. That produces referrals.
  12. Patience builds trust. Trust closes deals. Sincerely take care of your customers first and you will be taken care of as a by-product.
  13. Behind each business or customer you deal with is a human, so be sure to communicate with them as people, not digits.
  14. Stop managing and start initiating change that will improve productivity. profitability and goodwill.
  15. Be grateful for the challenges you’ve been given and strive to make a difference where you are.
  16. When your heart is no longer in the work you are doing or the company you are working for, take a risk and move on to a new adventure elsewhere.
  17. Use your position to create opportunities for others.
  18. Never give in to that paranoid feeling that the person under you will know your job better than you and you will then be redundant
  19. Conversely – always know at a higher level what is going on in the detail and be in a position to offer intelligent advice/trouble shooting if required.
  20. Don’t just think outside the box: DESTROY the box.
  21. Listen. Silence is gold.
  22. Treat your customers like royalty and your employees like customers. Remember both of them can leave you AND cost you money.
  23. Helping an angry customer/client builds positive word-of-mouth!


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