Who exactly is buying Hulu. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have all reportedly been interested in acquiring the next TV revolution. Apple has joined the acquisition train. But it is still not certain who will acquire Hulu. Online video service Hulu considered a potential sale after an unknown bidder made an offer for the video service, according to several reports.

Google wants more premium content, hence the reason for offering movie rentals and the acquisition of Next New Networks.Google has remained quiet about its intention to acquire the online TV powerhouse.

Yahoo is doing a lot of work internally to reinvent and repackage itself as a modern online media company. Yahoo will not want to end like Myspace. Business Insider reports that Yahoo is willing to pay up to $2 billion for Hulu, as long as it can get a four or five-year guarantee for Hulu’s current slate of content.

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft has decided not to pursue a second round of bidding for the online video company.But you never know what they could up in the end.

According to Mashable “two people who weren’t authorized to speak publicly” have said that Apple could be considering a purchase of the popular online video service Hulu. The two sources as reported on Mashable spoke with Bloomberg, calling the negotiations “early talks that may lead to an offer for Hulu.”