LinkedIn has launched its “Apply with LinkedIn” plugin allow job candidates to apply for available positions using their LinkedIn profiles as resumes.

LinkedIn wants to make it easy for you to submit your profile for any job application on the web with one simple click. Some of the first companies to debut “Apply with LinkedIn” button on their company websites (besides our own) include Netflix, TripIt, Photobucket and over a thousand other companies.

LinkedIn has now made it simple enough to implement so both companies and developers can easily include it on their corporate websites.

How it works
Once you click on the “Apply with LinkedIn” button, you’ll get a user experience that’s been optimized for the web. In addition to updating your profile real time, LinkedIn will also show you your professional connections that work at the company to increase your chances of getting hired through a referral.

If you don’t know anybody at the company, LinkedIn will show you people who can introduce you to someone there.

Finally, LinkedIn records all “Apply with LinkedIn” submissions in the “Saved Jobs” tab (under the Jobs category on LinkedIn) so you have a record of all the jobs you’ve applied to around the web, throughout your career.

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