Do you ever discover things and places that you want to share with friends so they can experience them on their next visit to the area? Ever wish you had a personal guide along who knows a specific place and its hidden gems?

Trover, the creation of Expedia and Zillow co-founder Rich Barton, Jason Karas and Andrew Coldham; is launching today to help you share nearby discoveries among friends and fellow explorers – all in a visual, fun way on your iPhone.

As a trover, you can log remarkable places and things by snapping a photo and adding a quick note. When your friends and others pass by in the future they, too, can experience your discovery. Track the paths of friends and other interesting folks using our “follow” model. Ultimately, Trover will become your highly personalized guide to the world.

Trover discoveries are public, and can appear in the Nearby tab to anyone who is close to your discovery or who jumps to it’s location. Your discoveries are also visible at via a link that can be shared via email, Twitter or your Facebook newsfeed.