The Innovators Network is launching its first ever pitch competition for tech entrepreneurs, Startup ELEV8r Mobile 2011. The contest invites startups with mobile-focused products to submit a three-minute video of their pitch and a “canvas” of their business model to apply.

The Startup ELEV8r Mobile 2011 contest is open to U.S.-based startups with “mobile-y” products, including smartphone apps, mobile payment systems, mobile-health solutions, and cloud-based services with mobile front ends. To qualify, companies must be less than five years old and cannot have raised more than $1 million. The products being pitched must either be in beta or have spent less than one year on the market.

To apply, startups must submit a three-minute video pitch of their business and, rather than a traditional business plan, a “business model canvas.” Business model canvases are derived from the work of business guru Alex Osterwalder, entrepreneur-turned-professor Steve Blank, and others, and are designed to be more fluid and reflective of the ways startups often need to pivot several times to achieve success.

On November 1st and 2nd in Austin, Texas, the ten finalists will go through a “Startup Bootcamp” before they compete for $100,000 in prize money.

Applications are due by October 7th, 2011. Apply now