, launched a test version of its service in early August. Rolling co-founder and former Google senior software engineer Tim Zhou in an interview with VentureBeat said ” “We’re more interested in building a social space for communication, where people can hang out, chat, play card games, listen to music or whatever,” Zhou said. “Music is the initial wedge, but we want to branch out,” he said, making reference to integrating YouTube videos to play in the background while people chat in one of the rooms.

In addition to a music room group chat, tabs for a list of everyone in the room and another for friends. You can even send private messages to those within the room and Facebook friends regardless of what they’re doing on the service.

How it rolls:

  • Become a DJ to play music for everyone in the room and earn credits.
  • If you like the song, vote “Hot!” to reward the DJ. If enough people vote “Weak”, the song is skipped.
  • Use your credits to buy awesome outfits.

Some of the core elements of are similar to