Myows stands for ‘My Original Works’ and is a way to share and distribute your creative work while maintaining control over it. Users store their copyrighted materials including images, video, music, artwork or whatever with Myows, which allows the copyright holder to prove ownership, manage their rights and chase copyright infringements.

It’s free for most freelance members (anyone storing less than 1 GIG)! For professional account holders (companies or individuals requiring more storage space or value-added extras) the costs are vary low but very on how much space you require.

As soon as you upload an Original work on Myows, a copy of that work is time- and date-stamped and saved on Myows servers. Uploading your work on Myows provides you with valuable evidence as well as an effective deterence measure designed to prevent theft.

How do you copyright your work?
You automatically have copyrights in any original work you produce but the onus is on you to prove that you are the creator (which is where Myows will help you).