The website offers daily design inspirations and sales 70% off retail. Membership is free but by invitation only. Members receive exclusive access to daily curated design sales featuring the world’s leading designers and manufacturers. was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Jason Goldberg, formerly of XING AG. has recorded 500,000 users in 10 weeks. I believe there are a lot you can learn from what they did right to help your startup. These are the things Fab did right that you can COPY for your own startup.

  1. is a viral success, in part because of a clever invite scheme.
  2. When launched, users could request an invite, then gain different levels of access based on how many of their friends joined.
  3. Goldberg, the founder  ran a  batch of Facebook ads to gain initial traction.
  4. The ads targeted people who follow design blogs.
  5. Email invites have been particularly successful, resulting in four times the revenue of any other social-sharing sources.
  6.  is receiving a lot of support from the celebrity couple: Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.
  7. launched with 200,000 members and more than 175 leading designers and manufacturers
  8. membership is free but numbers are restricted in order to maintain exceptional prices.
  9. is working with a unique roster of influential designers
  10. Fab took advantage of social media  as much as possible.
  11. Users are able to share most anything they do on the site through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and email, and they can comment on posted items as well.
  12. Fab’s members have mostly been added through social sharing
  13. According to Goldberg, compared to other private sales sites, Fab has ten times as much activity on Twitter.
  14. Social is built into the core experience, and if you take that and couple it with design people who love sharing their latest design finds and showing off and seeing, it’s a natural fit,” Goldberg said.
  15. Goldberg believes that social sharing is a powerful tool, something he learned as the founder of Socialmedian and Jobster and the chief product officer at XING.
  16. is a new business that heavily invested in social media as a method of marketing
  17. The people at have found that their top selling products all relate back to Demi’s tweets, showing the power of celebrity endorsement

Fab has raised $7.7 million funding from Menlo Ventures, First Round Capital, Baroda Ventures, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Rose, Guy Oseary and others. The company has raised a total of $11 million in funding.


  1. Demi and Ashton tweet about and he's an investor in the company? You don't say.

    Sounds like I need to get Ashton Kutcher to invest in my start-up. Then he can tweet all about how cool and fab it is too.

    • @start-up guy .You may not get Ashton, but there are equally good influencers out there who can give you the kind of buzz you need. Ashton is an investor in Fab, hence the constant tweets!

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