Making plans for your death is a hard call but its inevitalble. Entrustet has plans for you. The importance of preparing last wishes for your digital assets cannot be overemphasized. Entrustet gives you one place to record, organize and execute your digital life, so you can be rest assured that when you pass away, your assets are protected and your legacy is ensured.

Digital assets are your online accounts and computer files. Online accounts include email accounts, social networking profiles, online digital photo accounts, banking and investment accounts, domain names and websites you own, online media subscriptions – practically anything with a unique username/password combination.

Entrustet allows you to create a free list of all of your digital assets (online accounts and files on your computer) and decide if you’d like them transferred to heirs or deleted when you pass away.

Entrustet allows you to create a secure list of your digital assets, nominate heirs and decide if you’d like each asset transferred or deleted when you die. Entrustet also helps you work with a lawyer to make your wishes legally binding. When you pass away, Entrustet helps make sure that your wishes are carried out.