Foursquare has announced today that the app will now feature sports, movies and music events. Hundreds of thousands of events being held in more than 50,000 places will become visible, in some cases hours before an event begins and in other cases summary information for things like sporting events will be delivered after an event concludes. Foursquare has teamed up with three amazing partners: ESPN for sports events, for movies, and Songkick for concerts.

In a blog post to announce the new feature, the company explained the new features:

  • ESPN is not only providing us with event details, but also information about the game. Tap on the event and see info, like, from a recent game: “Did you know CC Sabathia is 5-0 against the Orioles this season, but the Orioles are on a 9 game winning streak. Something has to break.” For more info on how this works, check out ESPN’s announcement.
  • adds another cool dimension – see not only showtimes, but help decide what you want to see with summaries and links to more info.
  • In addition to giving us concert details, Songkick is launching a competition to win a year’s worth of free concert tickets to celebrate the launch of our partnership with them! Check out this page for more details.

The new features are now on the iPhone (no need to upgrade!) and right now.