There are a number of ways to listen to music on the iPad.The iPad serves as a great gadget for listening to specific artists or songs of your choice from your own library, from the net, or listening to various radio stations depending. The following are great options to consider for your iPad.

Aweditorium takes all of the disparate content surrounding an artist — beautiful photography, lyrics, high definition video, interviews — and ties it all together into a fun, intimate experience on a multi-touch display.

MusicTandem allows you to create personalized music channels based on an artist, tag or genre, much like popular streaming services Pandora and Make it simple to discover new music, while listening to an artist with a simple tap you can start enjoying a mix of songs by similar artists.

Music Hunter is a hot new music discovery app for the iPad. It’s a beautiful, intelligent way to discover your next favourite artist. Music Hunter provides super intelligent browsing and search across a catalog of millions of song samples. Every genre is covered including rock, indie, pop, electronica, classical, jazz, blues, reggae and more.

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