A lot of startups have been created out of brilliant ideas or products, but the magic is that the new idea is often simpler and easier for consumers.You can often find opportunities in existing products that have been around for so long that their failings and costs seem normal to the consumer. Its your time and opportunity to topple the market and disrupt the industry.

Airlines such as easyJet and Ryanair took the travel industry by storm, offering no – frills air travel at an attractive price. Their flights weren’t radically different to what others were offering – they were
simply cheaper and delivered access to air travel to a mass market.

Flickr has always kept our photographs, but Instagram is the new Flickr. MySpace was brilliant but Facebook took over. Just maybe Facebook is about to be toppled or maybe not. The list could go on. The message here is that no idea is too strong to be toppled.You can always improve upon a brilliant idea.

The changes you make don’t have to be complicated: the simpler,the better. Build on the advances in technology that others have created to move ahead with your own ideas.

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