Y-Combinator unveiled its 63 graduates at the just ended demo day for its Summer 2011 class. Codecademy, one of the startups that graduated from the summer class is seeking to teach users how to program computer code in an interactive and social way.

“Often, people learn how to code by starting with a side project and figuring out things as you go along. So that’s what we’ve done with Codecademy. The interactive interface gives the user points for completing exercises and keeps them motivated.” Codecademy’s reward system comes in the form of badges, which successful pupils can triumphantly share across the web through Twitter and Facebook. Zach Sims(co-founder told wired

How it works
At Codecademy.com you’ll be prompted to complete the first lesson, which involves printing out and finding the length (in letters) of your name. It isn’t until you’ve made it through a few lessons that the site prompts you to create a user account, when it reminds you that if you don’t register, all of your progress will be lost.

Codecademy now has more than 200,000 users(users who have actually interacted with the app)

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