Kicksend allows friends and family to easily share files in real-time on the web, mobile, and desktop. Kicksend’s desktop, web, and mobile apps allow you browse through the photos, videos and other files that people have sent you and also allows you to send files effortlessly to multiple people at once.

As well as sharing files with one individual, you are also able to create lists of people to securely share with. You can drag & drop sets of files at once and everybody on your list starts securely downloading the file instantly without having to manually approve the downloads.

How it works
Start by downloading one of Kicksend’s clients for your desktop or smartphone. You can choose the web interface you like. Next you start adding friends by their email addresses. You can drag the files into the Kicksend interface and drop it on a friend’s email address.Friends receive an email notification when their files are ready. To send files to multiple friends, create email groups and drop files on them.

Kicksend is currently free for up to 1GB of sending bandwidth, and, according to Kicksend Co-founders Pradeep Elankumaran and Brendan Lim, the startup’s future monetization strategy consists of adding premium features, wherein users will likely get a 10GB capacity per month, as well as delivery alerts, and a full set of detailed analytics.

Kicksend launched in beta this month, and its one of the most recent summer batch of Y Combinator companies.