“… being an entrepreneur is very unsexy. Long hours. Time away from family. Low salary. High risk. High stress. It only looks sexy when you read TechCrunch. There is no shame in being an exec at a company or whatever.” Mark Suster, a 2x entrepreneur who is now a VC.

The following are other reasons why you should decline starting your own business.

  1. If you expect a guaranteed check every two weeks
  2. If you cant’ work 80 hours a week, or more
  3. If you want to get paid on a regular basis
  4. If you want to go into business thinking it will be easier than “finding a job”
  5. If your business is not you passion
  6. If you are afraid of being rejected
  7. If you don’t have enough confidence in your idea
  8. If you don’t have persistance and perseverance
  9. If you think you will be a millionaire overnight
  10. If you think working for yourself will be easy.
  11. If you are not resilient to change and working outside the “box.”
  12. If you have no desire to be in a leadership role relative to other people.
  13. If you Can’t make decisions on your own & tend to care about what everyone thinks about you
  14. If you don’t have at least a “working Knowledge” of the business you’re starting
  15. If you have not educated yourself enough about the market you want to enter
  16. If you don’t believe in team work
  17. If you cannot afford to fail