Fotobabble allows people to add voice to photos in seconds with just a few clicks on a web browser or an iPhone. Whether you want to add your voice to a photo stored on your computer, or on one just snapped with your iPhone, Fotobabble brings images to life that can be shared immediately with friends and family.

How it works
Upload a photo and record your voice directly through your computer’s microphone to create a talking photo. On your iPhone, after downloading the free Fotobabble app, select an existing photo or a snap a new one, hit record and you’re done. Whether using a computer or your iPhone, you can share talking photos via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or embed them into a blog or website.

“If you think of anyone talking about a trip, or their kids, whatever it is, the main way they do that is through their voice,” says Fotobabble founder and CEO Kamal Shah. “It’s a more natural way to tell stories for the majority of people, and when you listen to a story told with someone’s voice, you get that level of personalization that you might not get out of the written word.”

Fotobabble’s Facebook app and  iPhone app also allows you to  add a colorful background, and embed or share it anywhere.

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