Introduce yourself anywhere. Easily broadcast who you are to those around you while controlling what you share.That is exactly what Mingle does. If you have you ever been on a bus, train, or crosswalk filled with strangers or in the middle of a new city with no idea which places you should visit for eating, entertainment, or sightseeing, you should try Mingle.

Mingle can be used at places or events like parties, conferences, concerts, and sports games. It allows everyone to post their interests for everyone to see so they can connect with people nearby with similar interests.

Now you can Mingle with your Facebook or Linkedin account or register a new Mingle account! Now its easier to get connected to those around you using existing social identities. So sign in with Linkedin or create a new account and find relevant professionals near you!

Once you introduce yourself via Mingle, you’ll gain access to the 30 closest introductions from nearby app users. You can click on an introduction to view a user’s public quality and initiate a private in-app conversation via the “Ask a question” button.