The African technology ecosystem is slowly and gradually taking shape. A lot of startups are doing pretty well and have made massive contribution to the world at large. Most of the startups listed below have large audience, consumers and clients in Africa and across the world. You can share some of Africa’s best startups you know in the comment box below.

Twangoo: South Africa’s premier group buying club uses the power of the web to create a platform for its members to access exclusive deals at restaurants, spas, lessons, sports facilities, events etc.

SnapBill: Is an automated billing system that allows users to easily sell their services online.

DealDey is a  group-buying site offering Nigerians the best discounted deals on local restaurants, shops and more. DealDey features a daily deal on the best things to do, see, eat, and buy in Lagos and Abuja. Offers secure, permanent online storage, management and sharing for legal & other important documents. Individuals & businesses can use iSigned to store wills, legal agreements, investment records, etc and share them with other parties securely.

Motribe is a platform enabling users, brands, agencies and publishers across the world to build and manage their own mobile social communities. is one of the best  Job Sites in Nigeria focusing relentlessly on matching suitably qualified professionals with the right job opportunities.– One of Ghana’s top business directory sites. Features Business Advice, Jobs, News, Business Directory, Real Estate, Finance, Forms and events.

Mxit– South Africa’s biggest mobile social network.  Mxit has more than two times more users than Facebook in South Africa  is one of  Nigeria’s first complete Flight, Hotel, Airport Pick-up service portal that brings convenience to your travel needs. provides travelers with the ability to research, plan, and book their complete travel needs locally and globally.

Rupu– Rupu is Kenya’s Groupon. Rupu is a group marketing tool that features heavily discounted deals on products and services from companies in various industries including food & beverage, insurance, entertainment, health and beauty just to name a few.

Ushahidi- An open source project which allows users to crowdsource crisis information to be sent via mobile. Ushahidi offers products that enable local observers to submit reports using their mobile phones or the internet, while simultaneously creating a temporal and geospatial archive of events.

Smsgh-  provides business SMS Solutions.  They provide  multi-modal communication platforms for both individuals and organisations in Ghana and beyond.

Zoopy is a mobile video infotainment platform that brings you bite-sized videos of the latest news, sports and entertainment from South Africa and the world. And all made for mobile, so your phone will love it.

txteagle uses the concept of crowdsourcing to aggregate consumer insights about people in emerging economies. One of the program’s deployments was an app that enabled nurses in rural Kenya to text in blood supply levels at local hospitals in real-time.

Bongo Live! is a mobile services company based in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Range of services includes group messaging, targeted sms offers, tailored sms services (raffles, voting, Surveys) and custom applications that cater to organizations and individuals of all types and sizes.


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