Microsoft today launched-The Art of Touch, a site that lets Netizens create their own digital paintings. Microsoft has designed The Art of Touch to give you the freedom to play with the power of touch technology. It’s a worldwide digital canvas — where you can make all kinds of awesome art, side-by-side with three featured artists.

How it works
Users can select three different width paint brushes as well as six effects that alter each “brush stroke” with mouse movements. The palette of pastel colors are pre-selected, generated as would-be artists move their mice at different speeds. So when users slide their mouse slowly, for example, they can create a ribbon of red surrounded by starbursts of blue and yellow.

Ben Reed, a senior manager in Microsoft’s hardware group, calls the effort a “social experiment.” Microsoft’s goal is to engage consumers and raise awareness of the company’s products.

This movement is inspired by Microsoft’s touch technology.