Tagtile helps local businesses identify and engage their customer base to increase repeat purchase rates.
Tagtile provides merchants with a free hardware device – a white cube for customers to tap with their phone at checkout to receive rewards. The Tagtile hardware device called the Tagtile Cube, tracks in-store transactions and enables customers to get rewards for their purchase by simply tapping their phones against the Cube.

On the merchant side, the cube either plugs into a PC via USB to integrate with any existing point-of-sale system offering an SDK (software development kit). For those merchants without the USB option, Tagtile can plug directly into a wall outlet. In that case, the cube borrows the data connection on the user’s smartphone to send data back to Tagtile servers.

By connecting identity information with purchase history, Tagtile enables businesses to build a rich database of their users and leverage that data to run highly targeted direct marketing campaigns.

How it works
Start the app and touch the sleek Tagtile Cube on the cash register at your favorite store with your phone to earn tags. More tags means more rewards, everywhere from your favorite ice-cream store to your neighborhood coffee shop. Tagtile is currently supported at stores in San Francisco and New York.