Facebook has announced it is hiring the co-founders of MailRank, a startup that focused on prioritizing email. MailRank is a technology company solving the problem of email overload. MailRank was intended to take the stress out of email.

The private beta of MailRank for Outlook will be shutdown as founders join Facebook.

The MailRank team announced in a blog post and stated that “We’re thrilled to announce that MailRank’s co-founders will be joining Facebook in December! We started MailRank to focus on the email that matters, combining powerful technology with a simple interface. It’s been rewarding to build a solution to problems people face every day. At Facebook, we’ll be working with a first-class team on our favorite types of technology problems while supporting a great product people use every day.

Facebook acqhired the Strobe team earlier this month in a similar move to strengthen their team working on HTML5.