Google today launched Google Currentsa new application for Android devices, iPads and iPhones that lets you explore online magazines and other content with the swipe of a finger. Google Currents  a social news app just like the popular Flipboard. Flipboard launched its iPhone version this week and recorded a surge in  traffic.

Editions are all free and include:

Publisher editions – Publishers such as Forbes, TechCrunch, Saveur, Popular Science, Good, 500px, Fast Company and more have produced hundreds of editions including in-depth articles, videos, fine photography, slideshows, live-maps, and social streams.

Google trending editions – Google Currents uses Google search technology to hourly build a set of editions tracking the five most recent trending stories in categories such as world, entertainment, sports, science, and more. Each story is presented through a fresh edition of articles, videos, and pictures.

To get started, simply download the app and choose the publications you want to subscribe to for free. You can also add RSS, video and photo feeds, public Google+ streams and Google Reader subscriptions you’re already following.

Google Currents is now available for download in Android Market and the Apple App Store for US users.


  1. There are so many apps around. But competition is good because the developers will make sure they have a quality product to beat their competitors.

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