Frustrated with his own procrastination and the complexity of getting things done Omer Perchik founded his own startup in 2010. Omer wants to simplify the way you do things so you can have more time for fun. Any.DO is a free to-do list that helps you get things done with your friends in a simple and elegant way. With Any.DO you can easily capture, organize and sync all the things you need to do.

Any.DO lets you add tasks, marking them complete, setting priorities, etc. But it does a number of other things which make it stand out from the crowd. You can use the app to ask for your friends’ assistance (even if they don’t have the app).

You can swipe to complete a task. When you’re done with a task, simply cross it off your list with a swipe of your finger. Any.DO synchronizes with Google Tasks, which you can access from the Gmail web app. To clear completed tasks you can simply shake the phone to display a prompt asking if you want to clean up finished tasks, which are removed from the list.