eBay today announced that it has acquired BillSAFE, a purchase-on-invoice technology provider based in Germany. The deal follows eBay’s minority stake investment in BillSAFE in October 2010.

BillSAFE works with merchants of all sizes in Germany, giving them a technology to let shoppers purchase using an invoice. Customers simply select the item they want to buy, and then they receive an invoice for payment after the item is received.

eBay intends to integrate PayPal with BillSAFE to offer merchants and consumers a far more enhanced payment platform. “Purchase on invoice is an ideal addition to the payment options available with PayPal and makes it the most comprehensive service for consumers and merchants alike,” states Alexander Ey, managing director of BillSAFE.

“Together with BillSAFE, we can offer even more choices to our customers – whether they prefer to pay with their bank accounts, their credit cards or now through purchase on invoice,” says Arnulf Keese, managing director of PayPal Germany.