If you are an avid consumer of audio and video podcasts, you will love Instacast. Instacast is an app for managing your podcast subscriptions. It provides you the a simple podcast experience from automatic updates, to direct downloads over playback with pause and resume.

The Instacast Online Directory consists of over 9000 podcasts from all over the world and more are being added every day. The Instacast Player is optimized for playback of audio and video podcast and features 2x playback, bi-directional skipping and AirPlay.

Instacast works on the iPhone and iPod Touch, it also uses iCloud to sync other things on your device. It syncs your subscription list between devices, it shares which episodes you have played already, and syncs your current track and playback position.

You have the option for finding a podcast in Instacast’s online directory, by enabling iCloud if you’ve already subscribed to podcasts on another device or by importing an OPML file from Dropbox.

An HD version of Instacast is also available for your iPad. More screen, more video, more show notes, push notifications and iCloud syncing.