The startup journey is not all smooth-to be frank its a risky journey. Not many people choose that path. I am not surprised. -Biz Stone, co-founder Twitter said “Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” That is how long it can take you to break through. But starting a business is worth the journey if you persevere and stick around long enough. The startup dream is achievable.

You many have started and failed due to probably a bad idea, market not big enough or marketplace had not been properly examined and there are either no buyers at the price or buyers requirements are not being met. Your business may also have been underfunded from the start or maybe the business was simply mismanaged. In order to mend anything you need to figure out why it ripped in the first place.

Mending a broken startup dream required analysis of the idea, its a time to undertake a venture or idea audit from the time when the business started to diverge substantially from the business plan ie if you had a business plan you were working with.

If you made some assumptions and the path turned out to be wrong, you can reconsider another research into the idea and find out what the practical situation is on the ground. If you had faith or still have the energy and enthusiasm for it, take a look at the map again – thoroughly and find out how to get your assumptions right this time.

If you learn from your mistakes and setbacks, they become stepping stones to success. Every setback gets you closer to something great. Take time to evaluate what can be learned from the situation and then move on…dream something else that can benefit from what you have learned.

In the end, nothing is broken. So move on. Your instinct will tell you everything, including when is the time to stop and when to move on. Always remind yourself of what Mr. Walt Disney said “If you can dream it, you can do it.


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