Twitter has acquired Dasient, a web anti-malware technology. Dasient protects the websites of leading financial services, e-commerce, media, web hosting and other global enterprises from losses of data, revenue and reputation caused by web-based malware attacks.

Dasient team announced in a blog post and said “The Dasient team is excited to announce that we have been acquired by Twitter! Effective immediately, we will be bringing our technology, tools, and team to the revenue engineering team at Twitter.”

They further stated that “By joining Twitter, Dasient will be able to apply its technology and team to the world’s largest real-time information network. As part of this merger, Dasient is winding down its business and is no longer able to accept new customers.

Secuirty is a huge concern for Twitter. When your Twitter account is compromised and begin sending unwanted tweets or spammy Messages, that means your Twitter password has been compromised.

To stay safe from hackers, maintain a strong, secure password.By using a customized version of your memorable but difficult-to-crack password, you keep yourself much safer. Such passwords can and should include capital and lowercase letters alike, punctuations and numbers.

Most Web traffic uses the HTTP protocol, which passes data back and forth from your computer to the Web server unencrypted. To use the HTTP protocol:

Log in to Twitter’s website, click on your username at the upper right, and choose Settings. At the bottom of the account tab, verify that Always Use HTTPS is checked and click Save.