Does business cards always have to be printed? Traditional business cards always run out. It happens at most events where you need them most. Why aren’t there better tools to either connect the information digitally and add it into your contact information or just digitize it from a web site? Well if you have ever asked yourself this question before, Cardcloud has news for you. Cardcloud allows you to create a digital business card by using the Cardcloud app on your mobile phone, and share it with anyone. Recipients do not have to have the app installed. Cards can be shared from phone to email, or from phone to phone.

You can now share your social business cards with anyone and and the company aims to be a network that collects contextual information around new contacts.

In simple steps-you add your name, title, company, phone number, and address. And you also get to add your online services like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can add simple notes to cards. But it doesn’t stop there: add tags to index a person and even rate their importance.

You can send it to someone via email, or “beam” it to them from one device to another if both people have the app. The email that gets sent to someone also includes a .vcf file that can be imported into address book software like Outlook and Apple Address Book, or imported directly to your mobile device’s contact list.

Features of Cardcloud
-Create a digital business card and share it with anyone.
-Ability to share from phone to phone or phone to email.
-Gather contextual information about each new person you give your card to.
-Easily remember who, where, when and how you met someone.

Cardcloud has versions for iPhone and Android devices.