When you travel to a new city, the most likely activities for new visitors include a visit to a few museums, touring major places of interest the locals are proud to show you and dinner and drinks at local restaurants to have a feel of the city’s local dishes and drinks. But these activities require some kind of assistance from travel guides. In recent times the introduction of simple mobile travel apps makes it easy to find your way to your destination with little or no assistance from a another person. There are apps for booking accommodation, restaurants, and the weather of your destination city. Many people still rely these travel apps to figure out what to do once they have arrived. How about an audio travel guide fro your mobile device ?

is a social and travel networking site that lets you download free audio travel guides and share travel experiences directly from your mobile phone. The audio-based guides play localized content, giving you a personalised tour directly on your mobile phone. Hummba has guides to over 100 locations worldwide.

The social sharing platform which is integrated with Facebook and Twitter allows you to share your travel experiences as they happen in a unique and exciting way, with postcards, routes and groups.

Hummba uses mobile phone GPS technology to provide intelligent audio guides that speak to its users. Guides to hundreds of well-known tourist destinations all over the world are featured.

The Hummba mobile application is available for iPhones and Android and is available in the app store. You can browse through the audio guides and find places of interest while you’re on the go.