Traditional way of booking or reserving a taxi has always been via phone call and in recent times reservations and booking online or via mobile. Most taxi cab companies also provide comprehensive information on site providing a convenience for both travelers and local alike. To make it even more convenient, others have created mobile apps for travelers. Real time social networks have also provided great alternatives for other Taxi companies that sees opportunities to allow prospective clients to make reservations in real time.

Tweet-A-Cab is a new service in In Zimbabwe that allows Harare residents to tweet to reserve or book a taxi. It also takes feedback from clients via Twitter.

How it works
To use Tweet-A-Cab, residents with a Twitter account will need to follow the @TweetACabHRE account. TweetACab will follow the user back so that there’s two way direct communication between the two accounts. Now to get a cab the user just needs to send their number in a DM (Direct Message) to the company. TweetACab will then call the user back to arrange the pickup.

Tweet-A-Cab is providing the service for its own fleet of cabs. The company beleives its a new cheap and efficient way of booking a cab because customers don’t incur the cost of phone calls.

Residents are also allowes to book a cab via WhatsApp in addition to traditional phone calls.