Online file storage is a huge market an Dropbox has been a dominant force and market leader for a sometime now. Well according to sources cited on BusinessInsider, Google has been planning to launch an online file storage service for the past five years.

And this is not the first time Google’s Drive(its file storage app) launch rumors has been mentioned on technology blogs.

Google’s Drive will allow you to store photos, documents and videos on Google’s servers. GDrive will offer 1GB of free storage, compared with Dropbox’s 2GB and 25GB for Microsoft’s SkyDrive

In a related story, Om Malik of GigaOm has stated “I am told the big day is sometime during the first week of April 2012” He further stated about the launch of the Google Drive. “According to the details from my sources, Google is going to offer 1 Gb of storage space for free, but will charge for more storage.”