In the wake of Instagram’s acquisition by Facebook, lots of people are wondering about its future and what could happen to the most valuable photo sharing app of the moment. Facebook intends to maintain Instagram as it is, but that could change soon. Well there hundreds of photo sharing apps out there for both Android users and iPhone users as well.  Camera Awesome is one of such alternative. The app has great camera enhancement functions that can give your images the best outcomes you seek.

Camera Awesome was downloaded more than one million times; it hit two million in less than a week. Camera Awesome takes your photos to the next level by shooting faassst and taking sharper, better-exposed shots. The app includes 36 free effects, including presets, filters, textures and frames. You can also trim or rotate your photo any way you like.You have the option to buy over 250 additional effects and throw your creativity into overdrive.

Tap once to upload photos and videos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SmugMug and Flickr. Or let auto-sharing do it for you, so you can focus on the next shot. The app’s video-recording feature can capture footage from five seconds before “Record” is turned on.  SmugMug users get some extra benefits. All photos they take using the app can be automatically cloud-archived in SmugMug at full resolution.

You even havethe option to share images via Instagram’s photo sharing service. You can adjust sharpness, temperature, vibrance and contrast on a photo once it’s taken.  The company is interested in adding support for Path, WordPress and Tumblr, CEO Don McAskill said on Twitter.