Social technologies have changed the way businesses communicate with customers, partners and even among employees in most companies. Customers now have a better way to communicate and share their opinions about products they use on daily basis. A lot of businesses are still figuring out how to actually use social technologies for business growth. Internal and external communication channels are bound to get better with effective use of new social technologies. But successful implementation of social tools depends on the use of the right tools and strategies.

A lot of companies invest in instant social messaging (IM) apps, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), videoconferencing, and collaboration software platforms — hoping to improve productivity. But the tools themselves do not improve productivity but right use and adoption of these tools will determine the productivity level of any business.

Some experts and early adopters of social enterprise applications believe that social enterprise apps will change business processes in the future. The type of business you run could determine the extent to which you should invest in social enterprise apps, resources or tools. As a business, you should not just have knowledge about your customers, but you should have concrete information about how your customers interact with your products, what percentage use social apps and the tools you can correctly adopt to make it easy for your to communicate with them.

Every company’s interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects can better be managed with the right tools. Reasons for investment in business and customers relationship tools vary from company to company. Some businesses prefer an effective data to help them understand and improve relationships with clients. There are always tools to help you create a free credit report so you can make better-informed decisions about partnerships, deals and investments for the growth of your business.

I believe identifying the right social enterprise app can  deliver the productivity your business desires. It’s important to analyze every tool you have adopted for your business to know how effective they are in solving your business needs.

Zach Hofer-Shall, an analyst at Forrester Research has stated that “The social enterprise reinforces what businesses already know – that employees are more effective with access to internal and external communication channels – and applies it to social channels,”

The right strategies when implemented well blends with business processes and provides information mining capabilities and organizational synergies. Connecting people with social tools can also  to make them smarter and faster. You can make an informed decision efficiently with the right data. Some education of  leadership and business stakeholders may be needed to gradually adopt social enterprise apps. Social technologies can trace an online “conversation” in ways that e-mail often doesn’t. Invest in the right technologies and make the most of the new way businesses communicate.