Rasheeda Mandeeya Yehuza, a Ghanaian female software and game developer has created SnapSO Web Browser (a simple and comprehensive interface browser). Rasheeda’s story is an inspiration to all aspiring female African developers. The browser was available for download on August 11th 2011 on softpedia. So far there is a total of 778 downloads on softpedia and featured on numerous websites. Rasheeda is one of the few African women in tech who deserves recognition; they’re an inspiration for us. In an interview with Alltopstartups, Rasheeda said she built another browser because she wanted to build something people could use-“I did research and none was out in Africa at that time (we now have the amazing Anansi browser)”. That motivated me to go on and write one.

She further stated:

I created the browser during the summer vacation in 2011. The browser targets people who do slight web browsing without the need to download big files since there is no in-built download manager. I have really big plans for the browser and looking forward to making it open source so African developers can contribute and make it an African brand. I want to be full time IT personnel, by growing the SnapSO brand and influencing females across Africa in IT.

There are so many mind blowing tech startups in Ghana and Africa. It’s beautiful and amazing because Africans get to put our products out there which can compete with the global market. I believe 5 years from now, software from Africa will compete for customers with other popular software brands across the world.

What Rasheeda has accomplished so far.

-an advanced Web browser (SnapSO Web Browser) with amazing functions
-a 3D game, called ‘Buju Hunt’
-an automatic shutdown manager (SnapSO Shutdown Manager)
-an e-voting system in php
-Snapper, social networking site (still in beta)
-a program to mark multiple choice questions in C++ console
-a program to take care of a banking transaction in C++ console
-an advanced calculator
-a simple java 2D game
-a desktop Mobile-SMS application for students to confirm their acceptance into the university (still in beta)


  1. Am so happy for you my dear. You've made me proud. Keep going higher and never let anyone or anything stop the shine! Good work!

  2. congs sister, we are proud of your work, I hope you keep on improving it and diminsh bugs in it. make it african. all my congs again

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