Personal digital data is an important information of every person who has a life online. And securing it is a crucial step you should not take lightly. Thousands if not millions of emails have been hacked so far this year. Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft have all come under severe attacks in recent months. Yahoo is the recent victim of email password attacks. Usually in a case of security breach, the company in question informs affected users to reset passwords. Some Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, MSN, LinkedIn and users have changed their passwords this year. Affected companies are all major internet firms and you ask yourself why such giants are not doing a better job at protecting user data. But most importantly, in times of breaches, most passwords have been found to be common combinations such as “123456” or “welcome” and even the word “password”. The infographic below shares common mistakes to avoid when creating your password and how to properly secure your password from hackers.
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