Low-end smartphone and feature phone users may sometimes want to possess, interact, and use apps available for smartphone users. Well Binu Mobile wants to give them just that. And Eric Schmidt of Google and Africa’s Savannah Fund also have confidence in an app like that. Savannah Fund, a new African venture capital fund founded by Erik Hersman, Paul Bragiel and Mbwana Alliy together with TomorrowVentures, an investment firm founded by Google’s  Chairman, Eric Schmidt, and a few other investors have invested $2 million in biNu mobile.

In Africa, over 100 million people access the Internet through their mobile phones, even with all its inconveniences- small screens, tiny keyboards, limited hardware capacity and slower, yet expensive wireless networks.

biNu is a mobile phone app that provides simple and cost effective access to Internet apps including Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, news, sports, weather etc. biNu is optimized for mobile wireless devices and provides instant response times, even on slower networks. You can download biNu to your phone via WAP or SMS text message.

biNu is capable of running on Java phones, Android phones and Blackberry phones that have an internet connection. But in general In general, you will need to have some level of Internet access to use the biNu. biNu is a Java application and usually will be filed under Applications, Java Applications, File Manager or a similarly named folder that can be reached from the main menu of your phone. On smaller, older phones it might be found under Games.

biNu Pty Ltd was founded in September 2008 and has biNu has recorded over 4 million active monthly users around the world, of which 1 million are in Africa.