Twitter users can sometimes be overwhelmed with the stream of content from Twitter. Users are turning to different apps to organise the content feed from Twitter in the the best possible way. Thirst is the new way to discover and engage with content on Twitter. The app helps you stay updated  with important news as it’s shared on Twitter daily.  Thirst  filters, organizes, and presents your Twitter stream in the most readable way. The app brings you up-to-speed on the most important Twitter updates.

You can  tweet links and commentary from within the app, with Thirst suggesting the most appropriate hashtag for a given topic. The News tab in Thirst displays topics you’ve told Thirst you’re interested in. You can follow companies like Apple or Google, sports teams, people, or literally anything else you can think of that gets discussed on your Twitter stream.

If you check Twitter every day, Thirst maybe just right for you.  And if you only read tweets once a week or less, the app’s homescreen provides quick, up-to-date information about what’s currently trending in your own Twitter stream as well as Twitter as a whole.

As tweets are published, Thirst sorts them based on topic.  The more people who are talking about a topic, the higher up it will appear on the screen and the larger its icon will be.

Thirst allows you to see ‘Featured’ newspapers. This makes it easy to see what is being talked about in various different topics and events. For example, it is easy to see what people are saying in “technology’, or in ‘Mobile’.

On the iPhone when looking at tweets associated with a topic, you can shake the iPhone to mark all the tweets as read!

You can download the iOS app for your iPhone or iPad