How about running a virtual Windows environment on your smartphone or tablet. You may have other options when using office productivity apps on your smartphone or tablet, but if you an avid user of microsoft office on your PC, CloudOn offers you the same experience on your mobile devices.  CloudOn  mobile versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint gives you the Microsoft Office  interface when working on files stored on the Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box online storage services.

The app uses cloud technology to connect to Microsoft Office software on CloudOn’s servers, your device is essentially used as a screen.Your credentials are encrypted using secure hashing technology and all communication between your workspace and our server is secure using 128-bit/256-bit encryption.

The app is easy to use and install. To use CloudOn, download the app, create an account, and link it to your Box or Dropbox account, and you’re good to go. CloudOn also provides Adobe Reader to view PDFs –  from simple forms to complex 3D documents – and a universal viewer for any file, ranging from raw Photoshop images to everyday image files, including PNG, JPEG and GIF. You can open Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF email attachments directly in your workspace.

CloudOn plans to expand its workspace to allow for improved group productivity, giving teams the ability to not only create content but also bring greater context to their workflow.