It is no secret that technology is evolving at an ever-increasing pace and producing some life changing products. Thought Controlled Computing may sound like a distant technology  but  InteraXon ( a Toronto-based company) is working on a thought controlled computing that makes it easy to control almost anything electric. The company has created a hardware and software platform technology which converts brainwaves into digital signals that are fed into a computer. InteraXon then provides consumers with applications that use these brainwaves to perform activities such as; meditation, gaming, ADHD assistance and other still being developed.

Your brain generates electrical patterns that resonate outside your head, which accumulate into brainwaves detectable by an Electroencephalograph (EEG). With practice you can learn to manipulate your brainwave pattern, like flexing a muscle you’ve never used before.

Ariel Garten, the co-founder and CEO of InteraXon has explained it in an a post on Techcrunch-Securing Our Minds that  “What you’re thinking right this moment is not decipherable by any computer today. What is possible is the ability to pick up alpha and beta brainwaves”.

InteraXon’s interface works by turning brainwaves into binary (ones and zeros). The technology analyses the frequency of your brainwaves and then translates them into a control signal for the computer to understand. Just like a button or switch can activate whatever it’s connected to, your translated brainwaves can now control anything electric.

InteraXon was formed in 2007 when Ariel Garten decided to commercialize the thought controlled computing technology initially developed by world-renowned cyberneticist Dr. Steve Mann and his colleague, Dr. James Fung.