There are events taking place even as you read this post. Creating a mobile app for your next event could take time and lots of work, but event planners may not have the time and even the resource to launch a mobile app for a one-day event, or even a whole week event. Yapp wants to make the process easy and guess what, you can create an app for free.

Yapp is a free tool that lets you easily and quickly build and share your own mobile app for events ranging from businesses, parties, conferences to weddings. Yapp lets users select from a set of themes and features to design a mobile app for an event, like event invitations, photo galleries and bios of attendees.


How Yapp works

Yapp lets you create applications that can be downloaded, viewed and interacted with an iPhone or Android phone. You start with four main pages: schedule, invitation, newsfeed, and gallery. You can add another page  where necessary. After that, you edit individual schedule entries, descriptions, and newsfeeds using the same buttons you’d press using  the app.

Yapp mobile apps are not featured in Google Play or Apple’s App Store, but users can keep these apps private and share them with event attendees through a unique download link. The apps then show up in the inbox within Yapp’s app. Users must have aYapp ID to share and download the event apps.

It’s free to create and download Yapps!,for premium features and services like a custom share URL app creators pay $5/yr. Users can also get custom themes specially created for their events.

Yapp is available for for Android and iPhone users.