Holiday shopping apps

This week is  the last week for shopping far ahead of the holiday. You still have some time to make your final shopping for the holiday season. Holiday shopping can be a lot more easier when you have productive tools and useful shopping apps. We want to make your holiday shopping a little easier this week even as you make your last purchases.  Lots of both Android, iPhone apps and tablet apps can save you money, but many more are saving lots of shoppers precious time. Lots of people will head out to shops this week and  apps streamline the shopping experience and enable you  to hunt for deals more comfortably than in a store, where you might feel pressured to make a instant purchase. These shopping apps could help you decide and make purchases that are less likely to waste money  even as you make your  last-minute shopping for family and friends.


Slice is a free app available for iPhone and Android

Slice is one of the best ways to track and organize your online shopping. Slice automatically pulls information from the electronic receipts in your email inbox – shipping notifications, tracking numbers, return policies, and customer service information – and assembles it in an easily digestible format. Slice works with many of the top email providers — including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, AOL and iCloud.

Sale Sorter

Available for iPhone

SaleSorter is a location-based service that lets you see what physical retail stores around you are having major sales events. This app will help you find the best deals and bargains at your local stores, notifying you of sales and deals near you. If you don’t have time to make it to the next cities outlet stores, the app can notify you the next time the store is offering sales and discounts again.


Available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Nokia

CardStar from Constant Contact puts all of your membership and rewards cards on a single free app, so you carry less and never miss a deal. The app lets you capture digital versions of your cards with your camera’s phone. You can browse your cards by store name or category, or use the search function to jump right to a retailer.


Available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

Lemon keeps mobile record of your wallet: You can take pictures of your credit cards, loyalty cards and IDs and keep them handy for easy access to the numbers (or in case your wallet is lost). Users secure the images with a PIN. Lemon Wallet digitizes your cards in a smarter way with interactive balance updates, personalized offers and a simple way to communicate with brands and merchants.

Gift List

Available for iPhone

Great for Christmas and holiday lists, a shopping gift list manager to help track spending. Making a shopping list and organizing your purchases. Track gift lists per person, track budgets, amount spent and cost for each person.


Available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia

FastMall Interactive Shopping Maps for Malls. Never get lost at the mall again! Now you can navigate any mall map WITHOUT the need for GPS. Sync your status on Facebook as well as Twitter, add reviews of restrooms, restaurants and stores. make a wish list of things you must have, and find a deal and save money.

Christmas Gift List Planner

Available for Android

Gift List Planner helps you to organize, plan and keep track of your gifts budget. Track gift purchased, gift mailed and gift wrapped for each person. Paid users can take note of gift ideas for each person on your list and scan barcode to automatically add item to your gift list.

Santa’s Bag

Available for iPhone

Just in time app for Christmas. Christmas Gift List app  is a fun and easy-to-use app to help you manage your Christmas Gift Recipients, Planning, Shopping and Budgets. You can import recipients contacts from Facebook, add Gifts, Wishes and Preferences,  and email customizable, checkable lists: Wish Lists, Planning Lists, Shopping Lists, Individual Gifts and more.


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