You want to find the next big thing? Well it takes lots effort and research to stay updated about industry trends. New technologies are emerging everyday and you could loose sight of what is trending to make an insightful decision about your business, new idea or an innovative products you intend to launch. But the good news is that there are now lots of tools, blogs, sites and research sites that are constantly updated to help you stay ahead of the trends of your industry.

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Find and attend relevant events

One of the best ways to stay ahead of your industry is to attend conferences, networking events, industry seminars, local authority leaders meetings- seeing the presentations, networking, trade show booths and exhibition stands. If it’s a closed meeting, try and get your hands on the information presented or delivered. Most industry conferences and events are open to the public and sometimes limited to membership of a specific industry. Search for these events on LinkedIn and Eventbrite and register your interest. You can learn a lot at such meetings to stay ahead of the trends in your industry.

Start an industry List today

Lists have proven to be the consistent way to stay informed of the trends in your  industry, market or niche. Facebook and Twitter allow users to build  any list of individuals, friends, journalists, experts and authority figures. These people could be sharing knowledge about specific niches that can help you stay ahead of trends of your interest. Take advantage of Facebook lists today and stay informed when a trend sets in.

Identity sites worth bookmarking

Take advantage of sites like Buzzfeed that detect viral content around the web and then presents the best and most interesting content. is also a useful site for getting a general overview of current trends. scans the globe for emerging consumer trends, insights and innovations.

Start tracking registered patents today

You can also go deeper by tracking registered patents. Innovative products are constantly being protected. You can identify the next big thing by tracking patents and companies behind them. Look out for tech giants and what they are seeking to protect. You can set Google alerts on patent to stay informed as and when they are registered.

To be at the front of a trend or the next big thing,  you have to be a part of the trend, implementing a change in the way the world is moving today. But remember, not all industry trends succeed in reaching the mainstream, many remain among limited influencers and trend spotters ans leaders and eventually without a viable business model these trends fade away! Innovation is anything, but business as usual.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. [Alan Kay]