Large percentage of new businesses fail because they can’t attract and keep new customers. A business cannot survive without customers. It is very important to treat your customers in a way that makes them come back to buy from you or use your product again.  Your new business has the potential to succeed if you know who your customers are, where they can be found and how to attract them.

1. Quality content marketing is still king!

Every business sells exactly what they do with compelling marketing materials. It could be that new slides you are thinking of creating, your about page on your website, product description page about the features of your product or even your entire website. Content has always been king. Are you conveying  the right content to your prospective customers?  Is your marketing message consistent on all your platforms. Are you educating your customers with new and fresh content like you should? Get your quality content right and new customers will know exactly what they should expect from you.

2. Sincere communication is key

The moment a new customer signs on to your service, or start using your product, it’s your responsibility to make sure they stay and are happy using what you offer. You need to stay connected to the customer as long as possible, maintain an open communication policy. Provide easy access for further information, customer support and feedback. Ask for feedback, take a survey, listen to customer concerns.You could get a good testimonial out of that.

3. Sell but be human!

Customers are people just like you and they want to be treated like any other person. Where necessary talk to them. Don’t automate while you can, it sucks. Customers want to know you care about them, and they know when you do. You are better off with a satisfied customer who can refer or recommend your product than a customer who just happen to use your product without passing the good testimony.

4. Social Media makes it easy to connect

Don’t forget to connect with prospective customers on social sites. Lots of people now prefer to stay in touch with friends and colleagues, connect with brands, provide product feedback on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and via blogs. Meet them halfway and address their concerns. With or without your knowledge, customers are sharing their negative and positive reviews on social sites, find them and respond on time before any damage is done.  Your business needs a social presence, create one. Share quality content and engage with customers on constant basis.

5. Customers love incentives, make it count!

Both prospective and existing customers of most businesses are looking for discounts and incentives at all times. Popular discount sites like Groupon and Living Social are serving millions of discount offers around the world.  Consider discounts once a while and give existing customers rewards  for each referral they bring to your business.  You can offer discount vouchers, they have proven to be effective for most businesses. Most brands are offering their best voucher codes and deals on voucher codes King.

6. It’s never too late to start a business blog

The simple good news is that, the more you create relevant and informative content, the more traffic you will receive. And some of those traffic will turn into customers in the near future.  Share interesting customer success stories, industry news, market howtos, educate your industry. You could soon be an industry expert. Share your posts where your prospective customers hang out and on your most performing social profiles.