Music lovers who listen to music with headphones are usually used to playing songs they select themselves or playing from hitlist or a friend’s playlist if you are using a music streaming service. Japan-based Neurowear wants to change that and introduce headphones that automatically plays music for you that fits your mood at any point in time.

The new headphone is an electroencephalograph sensor that focuses on your forehead to help the device scan your brainwaves and interpret your mood.

Neurowear’s Mico headphones monitor your brain waves and select songs that match your mood. Mico looks like any other headphone, but comes with an EEG reader that rests on the forehead and senses neural activity.  The device detect the mood of the user by analyzing  signals which it exhibits using an LED display on the earpieces.

Mico works with an iPhone app. The headphones relays your mood to the Mico iPhone app, which then selects songs from its database of mood-tagged songs. Mico currently figures out if you’re stressed, sleepy, or focused and selects songs based on these types of moods.

Mico headphones could soon change the way you discover and listen to songs from your popular music streaming service or your music library.