Orientation for newly hired employees is an integral part of running a business. Printing each piece of the important pieces of material you want to make accessible to your new employees can be costly as well as cumbersome. It takes money as well as time to have the material printed by an outside company and then delivered in time for orientation, as well as effort on your behalf that your busy schedule might not allot.

Making the decision to move to primarily online storage is a big step for your company, but it is guaranteed to be a good decision nonetheless. In addition to storing your business’s most valuable files in a cloud online, the cloud can be used as a sort of orientation for any new employees you choose to hire on at your company.

Instead of having new employees take time out of their work schedules (and yours) to sit in a conference room and listen to a stack of papers read aloud, it is a viable option (as well as highly recommended) to upload introductory materials to your business’s cloud online and allow new hires the opportunity to peruse them as needed.

No More Handbooks

Most companies have a handbook with anywhere from twenty to two hundred pages, as well as a variety of job-specific descriptive materials that need to be reviewed by each employee. Many of these employees are in different departments as well, so it’s necessary to provide different sections of the handbook, and in some cases different versions altogether.

Then, there are also the pamphlets of information regarding benefits to consider – typically these types of things are printed in color, making them even more expensive to create especially when your business has a need to have them printed for a large number of new employees. An alternative to this is file uploadsimply put each document necessary for orientation into your business’s personal cloud and share only the necessary folders with recently hired employees.

Easy Access to Documents

As well as orientation, current employees might, from time to time, need access to project-specific documentation to review. Again, instead of printing each page of this necessary information out and handing it out to twenty or more employees, upload the information to your business’s cloud and allow sharing of the folders with a list of designated employees – it’s guaranteed to surprise you with the amount of time and money it saves.

In addition, you’ll be impressed with how well your employees seem to remember the information provided to them. Studies have shown that those who have information provided to them in a digital format are more likely to return to the information for subsequent and periodic review due to it being easily accessible as opposed to having the information in paper form, making it necessary to keep track of the papers as they progress through their already undoubtedly busy days.

Uploading files to your business’s cloud not only provides ease of access for orientation information, it also saves money and insures that each employee will have access to the information necessary for their position.