In a day and age where ‘being green’, climate change and sustainability are in the news regularly, the pressure put upon individuals and business to do their bit for the environment is huge.

Climate change is a huge issue nowadays, with more and more emphasis placed on why it’s important for people of the developed world to reduce their energy usage in order for our children, and future generations, to live better lives.

While it is commonplace for people all over the country to recycle and to be proactive by reducing their energy consumption at home, people also need to be aware of energy usage within the office environment too.

After all, taking the tube, train or bus (or even your bike) to go to work is great, but unfortunately it is not great enough anymore.

As a business, being environmentally friendly is as much about saving money and being green as it is succumbing to market demand. Consumers want companies to be environmentally-friendly and chances of them using the services that a business offers increase if they appear to be green.

While it was much easier to upgrade a business when the economy was healthier, it’s not impossible to do so now. In fact, there are plenty of simple things that can be implemented, regardless of the industry that a business is in.

Naturally, the main objective for a business would be to make a profit every year and, for that, it needs to generate clients and consumers and keep hold of them. While it’s certainly not the only reason why potential customers would choose to use a particular business for their needs, being a little green will certainly give it extra points.

Certain aspects of going green don’t even need to cost a penny either – recycling, carpooling incentives and being smarter about energy use are just some of the ways in which a business can show that they care, without having to invest in new, renewable energy technology.

Advantages of Being Green

1. Naturally, the money saved through reducing energy consumption will always be a huge advantage.

2. You could take advantage of new strategies that would be a huge investment in your business. While this may require an initial outlay, which could chip into your profits, if you look at the bigger picture, you will be able to see that it’s worth it.

Solar panels, for example, may cost a little to install, but you will see substantial reductions in your energy bills while also feeding power back into the national grid.

3. Recent reports suggest that the UK wastes around £12billion worth of energy every year. This colossal amount of energy can be reduced if each business or individual considers their energy consumption.

Set incentives in the office to encourage staff to contribute to your new venture. Think about what electricity and heating is essential to use and what can be avoided. Not only will the drop in energy usage affect your monthly overheads but the environment will thank you too.

4. By demonstrating that you are being green, you can use this as a USP which could help to draw in new clientele. Those who care about their environment and know that you care too will be more tempted to use your services rather than going somewhere else.

5. A healthier, positive and pro-green environment leads to increased productivity and happier staff!

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