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1. How to Find a Fulfilling Career

One of the things I’m most thankful for as I wake each morning is having a job that I love. Not only that, it’s incredibly rewarding to be surrounded by people who also love what they do. Virgin is..read more

2. 8 Signs You’re An Entrepreneur

Most people don’t grow up wanting to become an Entrepreneur, they grow into it.  I’ve found that there are 10 different signs that are very good indicators that you’re an Entrepreneur or an..read more

3. How To Sell Your Business And Make And Lose Millions

First I totally gave up. I thought there was no way to sell my web services business. It started when I was in the offices of Loud Records, run by Steve Rifkind. My company, Reset, was doing websites for the..read more

4. It’s Okay to Make Mistakes — But Not These Mistakes

Were there truly a Moron Hall of Fame, I imagine it would be a splendid Frank Gehry building shaped like a massive ear. It would serve as an icon to the biggest cause of meltdowns: failure to listen. Leaders ..read more

5. Tim Ferriss’s Top 3 Productivity Tips For Small Business Owners

Productivity guru Tim Ferriss, author of the best-selling book “The 4-Hour Workweek,” popularized the idea that many seemingly difficult pursuits — running a business, getting in shape, learning a language.. read more

6. Founder vs. hired CEO: Who is better suited to face company crisis?

A company’s owner and a hired CEO can both hinder its growth; the determining factor lies in what period the company is facing. Six months ago, I stepped into my new/old role as CEO of Acronis — a company that..read more

7. Silicon Valley Isn’t a Meritocracy. And It’s Dangerous to Hero-Worship Entrepreneurs

In a cultural context where idealists have linked social media to democracy, egalitarianism, and participation, the tech scene in Silicon Valley considers itself to be exceptional. Supporters speak glowingly..read more

8. What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong

With all the advice on the internet these days, it seems like there is a hack for everything. Your finances, relationships, and even your cellphone have secret and hidden techniques you have never heard of, that can..read more

9. Reduce Your Stress in 2 Minutes a Day

Bill Rielly had it all: a degree from West Point, an executive position at Microsoft, strong faith, a great family life and plenty of money. He even got along well with his in-laws! So why did he have so much stress and..read more

10. 10 Lesser-known But Awesome Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Tablets and smartphones are gradually becoming basic necessities for most entrepreneurs.  Your ability to stay on top of everything can greatly be enhanced with the right app on your mobile device…read more

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