Above all things to consider when forming a start-up business, maintaining basic health and hygiene standards is key, not only to productivity and business success, but for the welfare of your staff and visitors. Take these simple measures to ensure your business complies with basic health and hygiene standards from the word go.

 Basic facilities

Providing your workforce with the most fundamental facilities demonstrates care for their safety and well being within the workplace. This includes things like washrooms with high performance hand dryers, disabled access ramps and bathrooms, clean drinking water, a safe kitchen area to take breaks and have meals, etc. Additionally, placing enough bins and containers on the premises will prevent tripping hazards.

 Health issues

Everything from an ill designed office space to poor lighting can have an effect on the health of your employees. A clumsy layout can be a tripping hazard and inadequate seating can run the risk of severe back pain sooner or later.

Make sure you perform regular checks and risk assessments to keep accidents and health issues down to a minimum – check and replace dim overhead lights and ensure there is plenty of ventilation from outside or via a ventilation system.

To improve employee comfort and overall health, you may want to consider investing in a humidifier for your office. Humidifiers increase moisture levels and this can help fight against dry throats and other ailments associated with a common cold – with this, staff will be more productive and in turn, there will be less chance of workers taking sick days.

Hygiene standards

Ensuring every last inch of your facilities is cleaned with the appropriate strength of disinfectant is vital so employ a professional cleaning solution. Hand sanitizing gels are also a must – and they needn’t be industry specific.

Installing a hand sanitizer gel dispenser in the bathroom or near the entrance will encourage employees use it after a long day. Statistically, there are higher levels of bacteria on an office keyboard than on a toilet seat so every measure you can take to say hygienic at work is worthwhile.

Health and food standard agencies can check the appliances at your premises at any given time so it is important that your basic appliances are up to scratch.

Poorly working fridges for example may not be set to a safe temperature to store food safely and this could severely compromise the welfare of your staff and visitors – not a good start in business.

The commercial refrigeration suppliers at Fridgeland have over 18 years experience under their belts and appreciates the importance of adhering to health and safety regulations which is why their products are supplied with a full parts and labour warranty. This covers faults and repair costs to guarantee each client a wholly reliable service and prevent standards slipping.

Make the right healthy investment in your business to guarantee the safety of your employees and offices.