People love social media and it gets better every year. According to a McKinsey & Nielsen survey, 76% of people feel good when they network using social media. Millions of people are signing up on popular social sites to connect with friends, family, colleagues, teams, employees etc. year.

If you can add value, serve others and give freely, then you can connect with anyone, power your business and get whatever you want faster. Focus on quick response to fans, posts and comments.

These are some of the most popular social media ideas and strategies the experts are using to market their businesses on social platforms.

A. Invest in content marketing

The more shares and interactions people have with your content, the more prominence Google will give it in search because people see it as more relevant. Create content that gets lots of social shares and interactions.

B. Tell memorable stories!

Tell stories. Facts don’t usually trigger a response from readers. That’s because they’re hard to remember and even harder to relate to. But if you can get readers to empathize with a story, then it becomes easier for them to respond to your call to action.

1. Visual marketing is winning.

Sharing photos is still the best way to get interaction.  Photos are more visible than sharing a link and take up more space in the newsfeed than any other type of post.

Andrea Vahl, co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies.

2. Take advantage of social ads

it’s great to run contests and ads. Especially on Facebook, an ad and contest combination can rocket your engagement and fans.  Facebook Ads are a great way to reach new customers outside of your current community.

Cara Tarbaj, Social Media Manager at Wishpond.

3. Communicate the right messages

A key consideration for brands should be the information customers would expect to be able to obtain from your social profiles and whether you can incentivise visiting them, through offers or exclusive content.

Christopher Sardone, a Marketing Analyst at the the TeliApp Corporation.

4. Get your fans involved in product decisions.

As close to the product launch as possible, ask your fans for their input.  Create a sense of urgency by sharing that you are making a final decision shortly and need their input now.  If appropriate, include photos of the possible choices.

PJ Jonasowner of Goat Milk Stuff, podcaster.

5.  Throw an invitation.

I suggest putting an email in your autoresponder and invite your new subscribers to follow you on Pinterest, or like your Facebook Page, and then remember to tell them WHY.

Remember, when it comes to your audience, you want quality over quantity.

Melanie Duncan, a serial entrepreneur, owns a successful apparel and home décor ecommerce business.

6. Become a true teacher

Basically, if we feel a website is a true “go-to source” for information and answers, we’ll keep coming back—again and again and again. It’s for this reason that the best social media strategy any company can take in 2013 and beyond is to become a true teacher (Wikipedia) within their industry. The golden rule of marketing is this: They ask, you answer.

Marcus Sheridan, the founder of

7.  Follow the 1/3 rule

Create original content 1/3 of the time. This content is NOT advertising, it is original to the topic associated with your brand. Another 1/3 is advertising, promotions and engaging the customers.

Ask questions of them – you WANT to know what they want to hear about”, which helps you to develop valuable content. The other third of this rule is to share enriching content from other sources, related to the brand and adding value to the user experience.

Bonnie Joy Dewkett, of The Joyful Organizer.

8. Just ask!

Ask. Plain and simple—just ask. Ask anything. Why? Because when you ask your audience something, you give them permission to speak. When it comes to social media, you want to do two things:engage and get people involved.

Pat Flynn, founder of Smart Passive Income.

9. Create a Content Marketing Mission Statement

This means clearly defining the “why” behind the content you create to attract and retain customers.  Every content marketing mission statement includes:

  • The core audience target
  • What will be delivered to the audience
  • The outcome for the audience

 – Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute

10. Engage in actual conversations

The principle behind all of this is simple: people on Twitter don’t just want to consume; they want to be a part of the creative process. With a little recognition and validation, they’ll be a lot more likely to continue engaging and to retweet your work, which in turn will lead to more followers.

Rosie Barry-Scott  is a content strategist at a digital marketing company. 

11.  Be Brave and Creative with Your Content Creation

Part of the new Coca Cola content strategy is applying a 70/20/10 Investment principle to creating “Liquid content“.

  • 70% of your content should be low risk. It pays the rent and is your bread and butter marketing (should be easy to do and only consumes 50% of your time)
  • 20% of your content creation should innovate off what works.
  • 10% of your content marketing is high risk ideas that will be tomorrows 70% or 20%…. be prepared to fail

Jeff Bullas, founder of

12. Tell, Don’t Sell!

Social media is most powerful when you use it to tell personal stories, not to sell your products.  Consider your humble beginnings, your personal leadership characteristics, customers who have overcome obstacles, employee challenges, community or charity partnerships.

Look at your employees, products, or customers, and identify a story people will want to talk about, and disseminate it across social media.

Dave Kerpen, chairman of Likeable Media and now founder of offshoot Likeable Local.

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